A Bare Faced Project

I flipped back through my sketchbooks and smiled. I remember sitting in front of the webcam and remembering a time that had made me feel ecstatic, I let the memories take over and the emotion poured out. Snap. They call it emotional recall, it’s an acting technique used to evoke true emotion for a performance. I was carelessly merging my subjects, using my background in theatre studies as fodder for A level art. The results were haphazard yet intriguing, I can still feel the emotion. This is like that, and also not.

Processed with VSCO with x1 presetProcessed with VSCO with x1 preset

Life is messy and sweet and beautiful and ugly, it makes for wonderful moments, captured through the lens of a camera. I love capturing the moments of my life, to create the mood and feel but what about my face? I fail to capture the gritty moments of emotion that flit from feature to feature multiple times a day. So I’m starting a series, its sensitive and up close and all together awkward, let me introduce you to ‘A Bare Faced Project’. I’ll be getting all up in my own face, so to speak, and truly letting the emotion do the talking. How do I feel there, in that moment?

Why? I guess it’s good to fess up to how we are feeling, celebrate the joy, release the negative. I also believe that in a twirly world of picture perfect (guilty!) a splash of reality is necessary, I may have taken 27 pictures of beautiful blooms in the most creative way but it doesn’t mean I haven’t spent the entire week feeling on edge. Also this project makes me feel mighty uncomfortable and I need a challenge. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’ (Neale Donald Walsch) but I like how Benedict Cumberbatch puts it;

The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is. Not to be in your comfort zone is great fun.

You can follow along with A Bare Faced Friday Project over on Instagram, find me @whimsyandgreyΒ or search the hashtag #abarefacedproject. I’ll be posting on Fridays because ‘face’ and ‘Friday’ start with the same letter and that’s easy to remember. Also come Friday I’ll have a pretty clear sense of how the week has gone and that’ll be reflected emotionally. Disclaimer: Prepare for panda eyes and three day old hair, that’s how this bare face rolls.

With much love,

Fifi x


2 thoughts on “A Bare Faced Project

  1. Eeeeek I am actually really excited to join in this awesome project with you, but super nervous too. I am such a self-portrait phobe and rarely look at pictures I haven’t taken, edited and posed to perfection myself. Which is total BS and I need a kick up the a@se too.

    Looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone and seeing what I can do with this project too. L xx

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  2. I’m so psyched for you to do this too! It’s quite a freeing experience to take a moment and allow yourself to examine how you are feeling and let it shine through on your face. So often we hustle on with the day and taking stock of things like emotion can get squashed. I think this will be a little therapeutic (and majorly challenging) for us introverts! xxx


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