Anyone for a tincture of opium?

I have little else to share this week that the absolute joy and elation at finding this little piece of history nestled in my grandmother’s cookbook. Dissolve a tincture of opium in a glass of brandy (amongst other things) and cure your dippy tummy. Or become pissed enough you cease to care about the issue at hand.

That’s all really, a whimsical little ode to diarrhoea. Also, tincture; a slight trace of something. Β What a bloody fantastic word, let us bring it back to the fore. I challenge you to slip it into convocation this week and I beg of you to share them with me.

With so much more than a tincture of love (I’ll work on it..)

-Fifi x

P.S. I tweet now, find me @whimsyandgrey.


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