Getting Together With Purpose

I am a serious catch up over a coffee kind of a gal. Pre child rearing I would squat in Starbucks for hours with a well chosen pal and a latte bigger than my face. These occurrences are few and far between these days but recently I’ve discovered the joy of getting together with purpose. Every so often on a Monday lunch time some friends and I thaw out over steaming bowls of soup.We then spend a couple of hours nattering away as we sew. We each have our own little project on the go but getting together with the purpose of crafting alongside one another has been a wonderful thing. The perfect place to offer tips and tricks, seek help and more than anything a little creative accountability. Creative pursuits are often the first things to get squashed in the busyness, time set aside with others makes it a priority, at least for a couple of hours. I never fail to leave those meetings feeling refreshed and filled up, ready to face the uncreative chores the rest of the day holds. It also feels like I’ve been residing in an Austen novel which is, quite honestly, the dream. Worth a try?

With love,

-Fifi x


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