Raisins, Netflix & My Twopence of Motherhood

Someone recently asked me to share some honest parenting advice. I feel hideously under qualified to do such things! But of course I have my twopence to throw in the ring, who doesn’t?! Take it with a pinch of salt or reject it entirely, do what works for you. Here are two of my parenting tips…

1. Raisins

Buy Tesco Value. You’ll feel awful for feeding your baby these at first, is that a raisin or a rock? They take dehydration to the next level but herein lies my case. Firstly they cost significantly less which is a winner considering 50-75% end up on the floor. Which leads me to my next point, the floor. Have you ever tried to pick a trodden in raisin out of the carpet? It’s not pretty. These bad boys are so dry you will have no such problem. Finally we all know raisins come out the other end exactly as they went in, so why pay more?

2. Netflix

My chosen form of entertainment when stuff needs to get done. Praise the person who made the episodes roll continuously (damn the person who added the judgey ‘are you STILL watching Peppa Pig? memo). To somewhat quell the guilt you feel at plonking your child in front of the telly for hours add a little education. Netflix counts down to the next episode, this pause makes my toddler scream at me so we’ve started counting until the next episode comes on. I kid you not, I have successfully taught my two year old to count to 5 using this method. This stuff works.

So there you have my twopence, let me know yours in the comments or over on Instagram.

With Love,

Fifi x


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