Marry Someone Kind

It’s been a long old day or turning over laundry in my pyjamas and managing my toddler’s spiritedness. But my funny valentine is home (blooms in hand) and has gallantly stepped into the bedtime routine, as he does every night without fail. I love him for that, and so many other things. I tend to hide downstairs for these ten minutes of peace and do something mindless like check my phone. Tonight as I sit I can hear the water running upstairs, he’s pouring me a bath. Oh that boy. My mother always told me to marry someone kind, implored me, repeatedly, fervently. At the end of a long old day in the trenches of motherhood I can truly see why she was desperate for me to take this on board. There are many weird and wonderful character traits one might look for in a partner, but above all I urge you to seek kindness, if you’re already in a relationship, strive to be the kindness. Mother’s know best.


Sending much love to you today, and always.

-Fifi x


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