Postpartum End of Tenancy Report

The purpose of this end of tenancy inspection is to check the condition of the property. To ensure that both interior and exterior have been left in a reasonable state and everything is in good working order, akin to that of when entering the property.

Property in Question: My Uterus

A small, one bed property with the potential to extend. A cozy, unfurnished room with excellent plumbing facilities. The main entryway is located on the south side of the building and although natural daylight is lacking this would suit one or two occupants for a mid term lease.

Tenant: One Female Fetus, 9lbs.

Tenant was, on the whole, fairly conscientious throughout occupation. Despite their rather heavy footed affliction I had no complaints, bar one leak during their final month which ended up to be nothing of concern.

Despite being given an official eviction date, the tenant failed to vacate the property in a timely manor and owes an additional 5 days of rent. I would be inclined to let this slide however it is evident that when the tenant finally made a rather hasty exit they left a trail of destruction in their wake, detailed below.

  • Considerable structural damage to hallway requiring professional repairs.
  • Markings on exterior facade, cosmetic only and am told will fade in due course, but an annoyance all the same.
  • General poor state of property caused by overcrowding, will need long term routine maintenance to fix.
  • Ongoing pluming issues due to pressure on the system.
  • Moderate to severe emotional disturbance caused to landlady.

In conclusion I am somewhat wary to house said tenant again owing to the state they left the property in. I am doubtful any amount of repairs will be able to return it to it’s former glory.Β It appears the tenant in question has already taken up a rather long term lease (18+ years) in another of my properties, this concerns me greatly and I shall proceed with caution. Concerning the initial property in question, I shall be taking proper precautionary measures to guard against any tenants in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Postpartum End of Tenancy Report

  1. This is absolutely brilliant!!! Although poor you. My property ended up with rather severe damage to the front wall. The trouble we go through, eh! x


  2. This is so funny!
    My last tenant decided to vacate 4 weeks early damaging the front wall and leaving me with a patched up job, taking at least 6 weeks to fix. He’s a lovely tenant in another of my property’s now, so he’s made up for the damage in the last.

    The current tenant in my uterus I’m hoping is going to be another lovely one!



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