Sofa Parenting

What’s your parenting position?

Right now, mine is on the sofa with my second bucket of tea of the day.

Can you guess Florence isn’t sleeping so well?! There is nothing quite like 2am with a chirpy child to really darken your outlook on life, or 3am or 4am for that matter. Nevertheless we will always be there the next day to parent them once more, because what other choice do we have?! Throwing a sickie is a much less appealing option when your client is still trying to poke your face the moment you close your eyes.

I’m definitely not an advocate for plopping your child infront of the telly for hours on end but my goodness is it tempting! I get wracked with guilt when I realise we’ve watched every episode of Sofia the First Disney Junior has to offer on a given day, twice. There is so much to be said for offering your little ones stimulating, creative activities so they grow up to be intelligent, mindful, expressive, gentle yet forthright, well rounded, conscientious members of society. Sarcasm aside, I truly believe this but I also believe in giving yourself a break and not beating yourself up about it. If 30 minutes of mindless children’s TV is going to enable you to take a breath and parent better later that day you have all my blessing, and a cup of tea! If watching Frozen everyday at 4pm is what stops you losing your mind before Daddy gets home, you go Mama! Let’s stop with the guilt.

I leave you with my best ‘give Mummy a break’ activity;

  • ‘Fetch’. Put feet up and address child as follows; ‘Florence can you find your bunny? Can you bring me that block? Can you get another one? Let’s build a tower! Where’s dolly? Can you find her bottle, she’s hungry.’ String it out as long as possible and enjoy.

And just to balance it out, when you’ve taken five minutes for yourself;

  • ‘Sensory Feathers’ grab a bag of feathers and experiment with blowing handfuls into the air and watch them float, feel how soft they are, stroke them on your arm. I have my lovely fellow Mama Selina to thank for this one, our girls were mesmerised by this on our last play date. (P.S. find a playdate partner to co-parent with on the days you feel like this, it’s like having a real life fairy godmother.)

If all else fails, snack overload.

What are your fail safe activities?

With Love & Tea,

-Fifi & Florence x


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