A Spring Bucket List

Spring has sprung hurrah! It’s time to throw off the ol’ winter woolies and get out in the great outdoors. Here is a our seasonal bucket list for the month of April;

Feed Lambs

All creatures great and small, Florence adores them. Specifically pigeons but we are keen to broaden her horizons. We’ve begun this process with a trip to the farm to see the Easter lambing. There’s nothing like wee lambs a leaping or a bundle of sleeping piglets to warm your heart and/or your uterus. (Since becoming a mother I find baby animals far cuter the human variety, go figure…)

Puddle Jumping

April showers, they’re inevitable so why not embrace them? Whether you sing, dance or simply splash about don’t let the rain keep you house bound. Throw a couple of large towels on the radiator before you leave, return home, and wrap up warm. Dry off slowly with mugs of steaming hot chocolate.

Plant seeds

Everyone knows that April showers bring Spring flowers so why not sow a few seeds. Whilst cultivating human life has been delightful I thought I may turn my hand to something a little less needy. Florence will love flinging soil all around and I can’t wait to see her eyes grow bright as the shoots appear.

Spring Clean

I can’t express quite how light I feel when my house is clean and tidy. Marie Kondo (professional tidier and author of ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’) recommends picturing the lifestyle you want, what could your life look like when you don’t have to worry about living in clutter? I personally yearn for clear surfaces and fresh flowers. Getting to the stage where I no longer have to tidy but simply ‘put things back in their place’ creates many a precious spare minute to pick up a good book, do a little writing or simply be still and thoughtful.


What’s on your bucket list this month?

-Fifi & Florence x


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