The Sisterhood of Mothers

One of the most wonderfully surprising parts of motherhood for me was discovering ‘the Sisterhood’. The relationships that form, as mothers band together in snotty sweatpants with colicky babes jiggling on their hips, are simply beautiful.

One of my fondest memories of ‘the early days’ took place just a few days after Florence arrived. We were at a family gathering and alongside Trevor’s cousin who had her first baby 10 days before we sobbed over just about everything whilst desperately trying to master the art of breastfeeding. My sister-in-law, with 5 years of motherhood experience entered the room like a fairy godmother. She let us into the big fat secret everyone had been hiding from us MOTHERHOOD IS FLIPPING HARD!!! We chuckled and lamented about all the surprises post natal life had brought and all of a sudden life seemed hopeful again. We agreed that even if it never got any easier, we never got the hang of feeding and our lives crumpled we would drink tea and cry together until our husbands returned from work. But we would be in it TOGETHER.

I am pleased to report that with the love and support of a few good friends I’ve actually got a small handle on this motherhood lark. The Sisterhood of Mothers is strong, we speak a universal language of love and sleep deprivation and we can connect anywhere, playgroup, Tesco carpark, Instagram, you name it. The sisterhood has a homing beacon, we will find one another, ready and waiting with an encouraging word and a wet wipe. I once made Trevor stop the car so I could wind down the window to let a mummy know her daughter had thrown her Peppa Pig out of the buggy 20m up the road. I couldn’t let her face the devastation of arriving home Peppa Pig-less, can you imagine the horror?!

My lovely friend Georgina’s latest blog post over at My Dearest Darlings inspired my ramblings this evening. Fellow member of the Sisterhood of Mothers and completely lovely and encouraging, we connected on Instagram.

Wishing all you gorgeous mummies (& daddies!) a peaceful night,

-Fifi & Florence x


2 thoughts on “The Sisterhood of Mothers

  1. Lovely reading.
    Motherhood is just that- really bloody hard. Its wonderful when your not in it alone, and actually most if not all new mums are facing similar or even identical battles. I like to think being a mum is being part of something way bigger than just the here and now, and the walls of our family home.
    Thankyou for sharing with us!


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